Drumatic Review in Carpe Noctem Magazine Vol. III, Issue 2

Drumatic- Various Drumatic Experiences

The use of samplers and electronic percussion certainly has come a long way. Once thought of as merely replacements for personnel, they are now becoming viable extensions of artists and instruments in their own right. However, in the hands of musicians who do not understand their potential they can be anchors that drag the artist's vision straight to the depths of cliché. In the right hands, they can serve to liberate and rejuvenate both the artist and the listener. Which brings us to Drumatic, the brainchild of sonic manipulators/programmers Kevin Pinnt and Jack Atlantis. This band caught my eye at a recent small press expo I attended and after hearing just a bit of the disc, I was sold, I mean anyone who uses samples of choirs ("Taken"), an out of tune woman singing "Heaven... I'm in heaven" (Earth as in Heaven" and, in what is surely a stroke of genius, Stephen Hawking speaking about the creation and destruction of the universe (The After Crunch) deserves my praise and adulation. The most refreshing thing about Drumatic is that, even though they have mastered technology, they have not let it bury their humanity. Drumatic is a band who, as of yet, has yet to be signed to a contract, but is one of the most deserving examples of the type of band who should be. The music is inventive, original, and so un-formulaic that it gives this reviewer hope that the underground can deliver something that matters. -Solipsist

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