1991 Geffen Records

In 1991 I had good luck and fortune to work with Inger Lorre and the Nymphs, in creating their album cover for Geffen Records. All the artwork was done in a 48 hour period, and was capped off by an L.A. style earth tremor upon completion. Two years earlier, prior to their record deal, Eric Ramsey and I completed a video for the song "Alright", which won them an appearance in the Rob Lowe movie, "Bad Influence".

The cover was made into a billboard at Tower Records on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, and was chosen by Sam Goody's as the second most influential cover of 1991, following Nirvana's Nevermind. I was animating on Ralph Bakshi's "Cool World"

at the time, and had no I idea of the looming Seattle explosion that would crunchify modern rock in the nineties. In later years, I began to wonder if there might be an interest in my art, and began to branch out from Hollywood studio animation into self-publishing comics and music.

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