SUNSET MESA 30 Year Reunion-3

June 14th 2008 was the third annual Sunset Mesa 70's crew Reunion.
It was yet ANOTHER killer event filled with vintage downhill skate runs
and da kine grub at the Reel Inn at Topanga Beach.
(photos Mark Sturgeon and Inger Ostrom)

Mike Graham and Pam  Taylor

Inger Ostrom and her Malibu Surf Skate.

David Hackett warms up.

Inger and her trusty Skate Dog

DH tree tube

Mesa skate Taxi at the top.

Multi generational Skate core.

Peter Cromlyn and Tom Bernold ready.

Bob Sturgeon charging.

David Hackett and Mike Graham styling.

Mike Graham leading the pack.

Bob Sturgeon working Oceanhill.

Russ Graham blazing O-Hill.

Peter Cromlyn full tilt.

Tom Bernold power bottom turn.

Craig Clark charging Seahorn.

Inger rolling out on Castlerock.

Shay Taylor bottom turn.

(L to R) Russ Graham, Tom Bernold, Peter Cromlyn and Bob Sturgeon at the top.

What? Emotion Wheels? Duuuuude...

Mark Sturgeon View

Mark Sturgeon skate.

Peter Cromlyn road rash.

DH and CC.

(L-R) Bob Sturgeon, Peter Cromlyn, Mark Sturgeon, Craig Clark, David Hackett,
Tom Bernold, Mike Graham, and Russ Graham.

 Mesa Dead End Kidz- (L-R) Mark Sturgeon, Mike Graham, Tom Bernold, Peter Cromlyn,
Craig Clark, David Hackett and Skate Dog, Shay Taylor, Pam Taylor , Inger Ostrom, Bob Sturgeon, and Russ Graham.